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Published: 27th May 2010
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Country club India is well known for its innovating ideas and new entertainment options for its members. Country Club India Ownership is a new innovating idea from country club for its members. This introduction that is new in India is already a very well known and popular concept in various overseas countries. The country club India fractional ownership is like a boon to all the country club members who would love to own a luxury holiday home in a premium location. As we all know these luxury villas are very expensive and hard to find in the right location, country club India fractional ownership provides the member's with the luxury villas which range in different segments.

Country club India fractional ownership provides 300 sq. 400 sq. ft. 500 sq. ft. of luxury villas in which each of them are attached with a pool for the complete pleasure of the members. The best feature in this country club India fractional ownership is that the member need not take the burden to pay the full value of the whole property. The advantages from country club India fractional ownership for the members can be described in many ways. The member can enjoy the priorities and privileges that come with the country club India fractional ownership. When a single person owns a luxury villa he has to bear the whole cost of purchasing and bear the cost of maintenance which is high for any luxury villa.

As he is a single owner the usage of the property is less as he is not going to spend the whole time in his holiday luxury villa, the time he is going to keep it empty tend get wasted or is not profitable. And while the member is away the luxury villa is dormant without being used. But even if it is not used the maintenance cost is occurred as the villa cannot be left without any care. Country club India fractional Member buys only his share of the fraction and does not need to worry about the group, any unsold fractions will be part of Country Club India's unsold inventory. The buyer has a direct relationship with Country Club India's (and not the group). These are just few of the advantages with country club India fractional ownership.

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